20L Oxygen Generator For India Customer

oxygen generator delivery

The pictures above shows our new produced 20l big flow oxygen generator with freeze dryer special made for a customer in India. 

The inclusion of a freeze dryer in this particular model further enhances its functionality. The freeze dryer effectively removes any moisture from the molecula sieve, ensuring that the final product is dry and suitable for a wide range of applications and long time use. This feature is especially beneficial in industries that require high-purity, dry oxygen for their operations.

AERTI has rich experience on high flow oxygen generators OEM manufacture for our customers who use them in various industries, like agriculture, fish pond, ozone, water treatment, etc. The machine uses PSA technology, imported molecular sieve, special designed large capacity compressor, the oxygen purity is 90-96%. And the performance is realible. We have delivered several orders of 20l oxygen generators and 40l oxygen generators to customers recently.

If you have any inquiry for big flow oxygen generator, welcome contact us for details!

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