Hypoxic Exercise Is More Beneficial To Health


Hypoxic Exercise

Hypoxic Exercise, in a hypoxic environment, people adapt to the hypoxic and low-pressure environment by increasing their heart rate, increasing the amount of blood pumped by the heart, and increasing the amount of oxygen-carrying red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood, which enhances the blood's ability to transport oxygen and the function of blood diffusing to human tissues. As a result, the body's utilization of oxygen will increase accordingly. 

Hypoxia causes the body to accumulate necessary carbon dioxide, which is very beneficial to health. Human life depends on both oxygen and carbon dioxide. Human blood contains not only 2% oxygen, but also 6.5% carbon dioxide. If the human body's carbon dioxide content is too low, it will cause gas imbalance in the body, causing alkalosis with less acid and more alkali, destroying normal metabolism, damaging the nervous system and immune function, and leading to a loss of defense against diseases. 

Medical experts from the former Soviet Union invented the "hypoxia therapy" to allow patients to repeatedly inhale hypoxic air with only 10% oxygen content, activating the potential of the human body's self-defense system to cope with hypoxia, and achieving the purpose of curing diseases when there are diseases and strengthening the body when there are no diseases. This method has a significant effect on the treatment of cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system diseases, and can also relieve pain and eliminate fatigue. The emergence of this new fitness method has led many people who used to be accustomed to outdoor sports to switch to low-oxygen gyms for regular exercise. For example, those who used to like skating, mountain climbing and adventure usually go to low-oxygen gyms for exercise, where they can get the feeling of outdoor low oxygen.

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Hypoxic Exercise Oxygen concentrator

Hypoxic Exercise Oxygen concentraotr, hypoxia therapy

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