June 16th---China Oxygen Health Day


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Oxygen for Life, Oxygen for Health, Oxygen for Beauty, Oxygen for Longevity

June 16th is the third "Oxygen Health Day" in China.

It aims to arouse the public's awareness of the importance of oxygen in health, let more people understand the role and importance of oxygen, and raise people's vigilance against the hazards of hypoxia, so as to better protect their health.

How important is oxygen to the human body?

Oxygen is one of the basic elements of human health, just like water and food. Oxygen helps maintain the vitality of the body's immune function, plays a key role in human metabolism, and determines the speed and quality of human metabolism. Hypoxia can lead to insufficient energy supply and cause metabolic disorders, manifested as pale complexion, loss of appetite, headache, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, memory loss and other symptoms, severe hypoxia can even endanger life.

At present, the commonly used oxygen supply methods to correct hypoxia include normal pressure oxygen inhalation and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We often see oxygen inhalation under normal pressure in wards and homes, including oxygen inhalation by oxygen tanks, oxygen bags, oxygen pipelines, oxygen concentrators, and various soft and hard oxygen chambers.

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