Mild Hyperbaric Chamber Benefits for Sports Crowd


Mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber can repair tissue damage after strenuous exercise

The Mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber uses the principle of adjusting air pressure to quickly dissolve oxygen in the human body's body fluids, so that the tissues and cells of the whole body are in an oxygen-rich internal environment, which can quickly relieve fatigue after exercise. Repair minor tissue damage. Improve sports performance and make exercise more effective.

1. Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy can relieve muscle soreness after strenuous exercise. During strenuous exercise, muscle tissue produces lactic acid due to anaerobic metabolism, resulting in muscle soreness. Microbaric oxygen therapy can quickly decompose the lactic acid produced to relieve muscle soreness. Improve lactic acid clearance, and good lactic acid clearance is beneficial to lactic acid clearance and post-exercise recovery. 

Mild Hyperbaric Chamber

2. Microbaric oxygen therapy can eliminate human fatigue after strenuous exercise. During intense exercise, a large amount of blood flows to the muscles, heart and other organs, and the blood flowing to the brain is relatively reduced, causing ischemia and hypoxia in the brain tissue, resulting in subjective feelings of fatigue, such as fatigue and drowsiness. At this time, microbaric oxygen therapy can quickly replenish oxygen to the brain and increase the excitability of the nervous system, thereby eliminating fatigue. 

Mild Hyperbaric Chamber Benefits

3. During strenuous exercise, certain muscle cells will rupture, tiny bone trabeculae will break, some tiny capillaries will break, myocardial cells will dissolve, and alveoli will rupture. Therefore, the human body needs to repair itself after strenuous exercise. If the repair is not done well, various sports injuries may occur. Protein and oxygen are the main raw materials for repairing these tissues. Microbaric oxygen therapy can immerse all tissues in the body in oxygen-filled body fluids so that damaged tissues can be quickly repaired. 

Hyperbaric Chamber

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