The Difference Between Industrial Oxygen Concentrator and Medical Oxygen Concentrator


  We are very familiar with O2, we will breath O2 everyday, do you know that O2 has the different oxygen level and purity? 

  Different oxygen purity will be used for different application fields, such as Medical, Healthcare, Cosmetic&Beauty, High Altitute&Hypoxia Training, GYM, Aquaculture, Ozone, Glass Blowing and other industry fields. Let’s looking at the difference between the industrial oxygen concentrator and medical oxygen concentrator.

Industrial Oxygen Concentrator

  For the Industrial Oxygen Concentrator, the user will only care the oxygen purity as per their request, they will not care the sanitary condition, maybe there are some CO/Bacteria and dust etc in the O2, they are mainly used for Welding, gas welding, gas cutting, etc.

  For the Medical Oxygen Concentrator, according to the YY0732-2009 Regulatory requirements, the oxygen concentration should not lower than 82%, as it is used for medical care, the manufacturers must own relevant qualifications to produce it, and the production standards are very strict. The medical oxygen concentrator can be used for the adjuvant treatment of respiratory diseases which is caused by hypoxia, also can relieve hypoxia symptoms caused by other reasons.

  Also there are many other strict standards of medical oxygen concentrator, such as the noise level/ accumulated use time and so on, if you want to get more informations, welcome to contact AERTI MEDICAL at any time, we will help you to choose the suitable oxygen concentrator.

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