To Increase Oxygen In A Fish Pond


oxygen concentrator

To Increase Oxygen In A Fish Pond

Its main function is to increase the oxygen content in the water to ensure that the fish in the water will not be hypoxic. 

At the same time, it can also inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria in the water and prevent the deterioration of the pool 

water from threatening the living environment of the fish. It is suitable for various ponds such as sea and freshwater 

aquaculture fish, shrimp, crab, sea cucumber, etc. Fish production can be increased as long as sufficient oxygen, 

fresh water and food are provided. 

oxygen producer machine

Large Flow Oxygen Concentrator from 20L-120L, AHG series machine uses PSA Gas Separation Technology 

and France imported CECA molecular sieve. Large Flow Oxygen Concentrator are wildly used in industry fields like: Water treatment,

ozone, aquaculture, and also used in Hotel, Gym, Spa and High altitude area, etc.

Large Flow Oxygen Concentrator Specifications

Model: AGH-020

Flow Rate: 0~20L/M

Oxygen Concentration: 93± 3%  

Oxygen Outlet Pressure: 50-80kpa (high pressure available upon request)

Net weight: 76kg

Dimensions: 550*480*850mm

oxygen concentrator 20 liter

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