• Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Battery
  • Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Battery
  • Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Battery
  • Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Battery
  • Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Battery
  • Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Battery
  • Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Battery

Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Battery

Brand: AERTI

Product origin: Shenyang, China

Delivery time: 7-30 days depend on different quantity

Supply capacity: 10000 Sets/Month

The Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Battery is
new designed compact and small pulse mode oxygen machine, only 2.35kg include one battery
5 setting with oxygen purity at 90-96%,
equivalent 5L with battery and bag for outdoor use
Three power supply modes: Lithium battery, DC Car Adapter, AC Home Adapter
Indoor, outdoor, plateau and vehicle all can be used, travel freely

Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Battery

Introduction of Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Battery:

New APOC-5 Oxygen Concentrator uses PSA Gas Separation Technology and France imported CECA molecular sieve. The portable Oxygen Concentrator is with novel structure, pulse type, very small and smart and elegant, it is easy to carry (only 2.35kg) and operate, which are powered by battery and AC power adapter and DC power adapter. They are mostly used for both car, home use, outdoor, field trips for health care and the needs of various groups of people at different levels.

room oxygen concentrator

Features of Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Battery:

1. Small size 225*90*165mm, light weight only 2.35kg, it is convenient to carry around and enjoy oxygen therapy freely. 

2. Comes with a single-shoulder bag, nylon material is durable, more convenient, travel freely.

3. Can produce oxygen quickly, adopt france import high-efficiency molecular sieve, fine oxygen purification treatment, oxygen concentration can up to 93%±3%.

4. Fast response speed, it takes only 0.019 seconds from the detection of the breathing signal to the start of oxygen delivery.

5. Can provide the pulse dose oxygen, more comfortable. Pulsed oxygen inhalation can relieve the airflow impact on the nasal cavity. Improve machine utilization.

(1) When exhaling, the machine is ready to supply oxygen, and the oxygen directly reaches the lungs at the moment of inhalation, and the oxygen utilization rate is close to 99%

(2) High-sensitivity pressure sensing technology, relieves the dryness and other discomfort caused by the long-term impact of airflow in the nasal cavity

6. Adopts 5 stages filter system, filtering the dust/ hair/ impurity and PM2.5 etc from the 99.99% air, improve inhaled oxygen quality, giving you the fresh oxygen.

7. Has multiple safety tips, power failure alarm/low oxygen purity alarm/over heat alarm/none breath alarm/ high-low BMP alarm/abnormal pressure alarm/pipe block alarm and low battery alarm. Assured oxygen inhalation safe and reliable.

8. Has five flow regulation,1-5 gears to meet your different requirement.

9. Has 3 power supply, it can be used in car by inverter/ outdoor with battery/ at home with AC power.

10. Use france import high-efficiency molecular sieve/US MAC high-speed bullet valve and import sensors and other import core components, Import quality assurance.

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Specifications of Mini Portable Oxygen ConcentratorWith Battery:



Power Requirement

AC power adapter: 100~240V 50~60Hz

DC power adapter: 12~24V

Internal Battery

Nominal Voltage 14.4V;

Nominal Capacity 6800mAh;

Battery Energy 98wh

Endurance Time

Up to 4.5 hours

Charging Time

Direct charging in the machine: 7 hours

Charge with dock charge:4 hours

Whole Machine Power

5 gears running charging state 75VA

5 gears running without battery 55VA

1 gear running without battery 21VA

Display Screen




Net Weight

2.35KG (Including Battery)



Oxygen Outlet Pressure

Oxygen Outlet Pressure

Oxygen Purity

90%-96% V/V

Rate Flow

Pulse dose delivery system; five flow setting:1-5

Effective Breaths/Minute

10-40 times

Inspiratory Trigger Pressure

≤0.2 cm H2O


mini portable oxygen concentrator

Portable Oxygen Concentrator packaging and shipping:

One unit in a box and then put in a carton, safe for transport.

Sea Shipment/ DHL/ TNT/ FEDEX/ Air Shipment/ Others(according to customer's request)

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