Portable small mini oxygen machine, One machine for 3 purposes, Oxygen therapy, facial beauty and oxygen cocktail.
Convenient design, easy to move
Light weight 7.4kg, small volume, Occupied area is less than one A4 paper
stable oxygen flow, with continuous oxygen supply, with high oxygen concentration stably 90%-96%
1. Small Stainless Steel Mixer, work with oxygen machine to make oxygenated drinks
2. Good for health, and applicable for a wide places and crowd
3. Rich oxygen for all types of drinks, good for market and distribution
1. Stainless Steel Material Mixer---Good performance
2. Popular in Bars, BEVERAGE STORE, home.
3. Rich oxygen for all types of drinks.
The mixer is made of Completely Stainless Steel which is durable and easy to operate
The mixer works with an oxygen concentrator enable the infusion of concentrated oxygen into beverages, providing potential health benefits and an invigorating taste. As the demand for healthier and more functional beverages continues to grow, oxygenated drinks are poised to become a popular choice for those seeking a revitalizing and enjoyable refreshment option.
1. Made of Stainless Steel---good performance and durable
2. Suitable for many places like home oxygen bar, office, pub, etc
3. Rich oxygen good for health suitable for a wide crowd
4. A good product for market, and competitive price for distribution
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